Classic Car Storage New York

Do you need some extra space in your garage? Or perhaps you are traveling and want to ensure maximum security and service on your old-fashioned automobile? We can assist you by offering antique car storage in New York services, whether you need to free up garage space, secure your car when traveling, or just ensure it gets the finest care possible.

Our state-of-the-art classic car storage facility is located just 1 hour outside of New York City – in the quiet town of Mahopac, NY. Less than ten years old – it is temperature and climate-controlled.


Our Storage Vehicle Protections and Amenities:


  • Completely Climate-Controlled Storage Spaces
  • 24/7 Fire Watch
  • 24/7 monitoring of security
  • Fire Protection Around the Facility
  • Entry-Controlled Access System
  • Motion Detection
  • Quality cameras for security
  • Car covers and battery chargers are available.
  • Monthly checks for vehicle health


What Makes Antique Car Hire Storage Different?

As collectors, we understand what you truly want and need from a storage facility: one that is easily accessible, safe, clean, and has responsible ownership that values your collection. We’ve combined our years of expertise in vintage cars into a single, state-of-the-art facility with a team that prioritizes you, your vehicles, and your privacy. 


Our customizable vintage car storage in New York is suited to each customers’ need, guaranteeing convenience and peace of mind.

Classic Car Storage in New York

Premium Antique & Classic Car Storage NYC

Securely store your classic and antique cars in NYC with our vintage car storage services. Discover top notch antique car storage facilities in New York with expert care and protection. Preserve your classic car’s legacy in the heart of New York with our premier storage solutions. Experience premium classic car storage in NYC, ensuring your vintage automobiles are safe and well preserved.

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Your vintage car storage in NYC will be cared for just like our own. Come see for yourself with a personalized tour.


We offer short and long-term placements that accommodate all weather conditions and events. So, rest easy, knowing your antique car is safe at Antique Car Hire.


Call us today at 929-256-0943 for further information about our classic car storage in New York @ Antique Car Hire. 


Our valet chauffeurs make it incredibly easy for you so you can put your mind at ease. We’ll pick up your car at your convenience, store it, and return it to you. It’s that simple!


So, whether you want to rent or store your vintage car in New York, the Antique Car Hire service department has the requisite experience and resources to help ensure your classic car storage in NYC is safe and secure.


We offer pickup and delivery so you don’t have to take the trip to Mahopac. Whenever you want to have it returned, we are incredibly flexible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do you control the climate?

A: We keep your car in a climate controlled space to protect it from changes in humidity and temperature, which can lead to rust and degradation.


Q2. Are there different classic car storage plans available? 

A: We provide short and long-term classic car storage options that you can customize.


Q3. What is the process for using your vintage car storage in New York?

A: Contact us via phone or email to discuss what you need for vintage car storage in New York. We can arrange a visit to our facilities and provide comprehensive service details.