Long-term Classic Car Storage Solution: 7 Tips for Keeping Your Car Healthy

Long-term Classic Car Storage Solution: 7 Tips for Keeping Your Car Healthy

Time, once gone, can never be reclaimed. Yet, we can strive to relive the moments we once cherished. For many, this includes revisiting their old homes, the schools they attended, and the cars they drove. At the same time, buildings can stand tall for a while, and cars, when neglected, risk perishing and erasing all the history, nostalgia, and emotion they carry. It is why long-term classic car storage is crucial. It’s a way to extend their life and allow us to travel back, experiencing the true art and design they represent.

Best practices from a long-term classic car storage

Loving and caring for your car is insufficient to keep it last for a while. If you do not abide by the frequency of the good practices of a classic car, it will be difficult to keep your treasure for long. However, with long-term classic car storage, you’ll reap benefits you would never have if you decided to do your paintings and care. Classic car storage in New York gives the advantage and keeps all your fluids in check to notice leaks or any other issue that might arise with them.

1. Keeping an eye on the fluids

The smooth running of any car, be it a new model, and the condition of the fluids in the car guide an antique or classic car. There are six vital fluids in any functional car: coolants, windshield fluids, transmission fluids, brake fluids, and power steering fluids.

The external environment often affects and contaminates these fluids; they lose their functionality with time.

As a classic car owner, the last thing you have in your hand is a constant check of your fluid; even if you do, there are points you might miss. Taking your car to car to a long-term classic car storage will benefit you.

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2. Check on the tires

Compared to common knowledge, tires do not stay the same when not used, even if they are new. Instead, they are easily affected by external channels. These can include temperature fluctuations, ultraviolet rays, and ozone. Their combined effect can affect the tires’ flexibility, charging, or cracking. Classic car storage in New York is proactive about changing your classic car’s tires.

3. Watch out for the rust

Corrosion is an active and ongoing process for most cars, especially old ones. As a classic car owner, it can be challenging to spot oncoming rust and counteract it before it causes more damage.

Classic car storage has regular inspections, cleaning, and general maintenance, which will help spot corrosion on your car and take effective measures. The team is also well versed with areas in different classic cars that can easily be attacked by rust, effectively dealing with and protecting the area from corrosion.

4. Part replacement

Classic cars are old cars, most over 20 years old, meaning that their parts are very old, rusty, and most likely not functioning effectively. The life of your car depends on how well these parts are.

Stay ahead of your classic car function when you take your car to classic car storage in New York. The mechanics in the storage facility are responsible for effectively replacing the original with new parts that function better than the originals. 

If you decide to keep your car in its original state, the mechanics will keep these parts in good condition. Old cars have a lot of wood, cotton, and canvas, and only professional mechanics for classic cars will know what these parts are and how to keep them healthy.

5. Storage with maximum care

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The mechanics in long-term classic car storage have passion and love for classic cars as much as you do, making the whole process easy and giving you peace of mind.

When handling a classic, there is a special care that you need to give your care from where it stands, the position, how to drive, how to clean, and how to take care of the exterior. 

A classic car in long-term storage will always be under maximum security and safe from environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures, humidity, and rainfall. You will always be covered with a breathable car cover that is safe for your car.

6. Regular cleaning

Cleaning a classic car comes with many things. People often clean cars because they have a dirty exterior from the road. You might wonder why your car should be cleaned when it is barely out.

In simple words, dust is always around whether your car is in a storage facility or your compound. The dust and other debris collect themselves and stick to your car’s corners and hidden parts, gearing and contaminating the fluid. The dust can hide rust and insulate some car parts, increasing temperature.

Because of that, your car must be free from all the contaminants, dust, and dirt to keep it in proper health. Mechanics in Classic Car Storage Facts are always vigilant to ensure that your car receives regular cleaning and is always dry.

7. Go out for a drive

You will only use your car when you need it. That is because regular or daily use will wear it, and its functionality doesn’t fit our times. Nevertheless, you should only leave your car in a long-term storage facility for a short time. You need to take it for a drive once in a while 

You can use it for a get-together picnic or even on a wedding occasion, or you can simply drive it for the sake of fun. Deriving your car will keep your fluids and moving parts in good order and be easy to use anytime.

Wrap Up!

In conclusion, long-term classic car storage is not just about preserving a piece of history. It’s also about maintaining the beauty and functionality of these timeless machines, ensuring they continue to bring memories and admiration for generations to come. Choose to work with Antique Car Hire; we offer the best solution and care for all classic cars in New York, preserving and extending the life of your car.