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1930 Studebaker (Green)

Book a classic Studebaker Rental here or call us at Antique Car Hire to reserve. Check out some interesting information about the Studebaker here

1930 Ford Truck Rental

Classic 1930 Ford Truck for Rent. Our vintage Ford Truck Rental dates back to 1930! Old Fashioned Pickup for hire. Two Door Metallic Blue in great condition. Call for daily or weekly rates.

1930 Ford Model AA

Classic Ford Rental. 1930 Ford Model AA for hire. Still popular today, Ford Model AA is available for rent. We have the same technical proficiency of professional restorers so know you are safe with ou...

1929 Studebaker

1929 classic Studebaker rental! Excellent condition, 5 passenger vintage Studebaker for rent. Contact us today for more information or daily / weekly rental rates.

hire vintage car rentals at antique car hire. we have dozens of vintage cars for rent in ny. whether for a photo shoot, vintage auto storage or a special event to celebrate an era, call us for a quick quote. please know we DO NOT service weddings.